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Whether you need to cut dead, broken, or excess branches, or shape your tree, we can help with professionals who take tree-cutting seriously and who love what they do.

Transform your landscape

We do the cutting, trimming, and cleanup, so you don't have to worry about the mess or the process. As professionals in tree care (and after thousands of trees), we know the best techniques to carefully remove dead or broken branches or any branches that could pose a potential safety hazard to your property. Our experience has taught us that every cut affects the long-term health of a tree so we are meticulous in cutting your tree with both precision and care to allow more air and light to improve the health of your tree. 

No Surprises

We communicate proactively and respond quickly to your questions so that you can be comfortable every step of the way. 

No Mess

We aim to leave your property like we found it (or better!). We take care to protect your lawn, driveway, and other structures from debris and clean up before we leave. 

No Worries

We work hard to make your experience as seamless and easy as possible. We want you to be pleased with both the process of working with us and the end result! 

No Hiccups

If an issue arises, we make it right so that it's our issue to fix, not yours. We want you to be satisfied with the job we did and how we treated you.


Tree cutting, when done properly, can contribute to the overall health of a tree. We make the process easy so that you can enjoy beautiful trees while leaving the work to us. 


Connect with us and we will quickly schedule a time to make a visit and review exactly what you need. Within 24-48 hours, you will have an estimate for our services. 


Once the estimate is approved by you, let us know and we will get your job scheduled. 

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We will be there on time on the day scheduled ready to take care of your needs. 

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Common Questions

Are you wanting healthier, more beautiful trees? Here are answers to commonly asked questions about tree cutting so that you understand the benefits of the process. 

What is your tree cutting process?

After carefully assessing tree-cutting needs and safety hazards, we will plan to remove dead or broken branches, remove any branches that affect safety or property, and cut back branches to allow more air and light for the tree. We perform our job carefully, as our experience has taught us that every cut affects a tree long-term.

Why is tree cutting important?

Tree cutting is important to keep your tree strong and healthy. Removing dead growth allows your tree to receive the proper nutrients throughout its branches.

What tree cutting equipment do you use?

From fiberglass poles to pruners, saw blades, chain and hand saws to climbing and safety equipment, we employ all the tools necessary to care for your trees and stay safe. Our team is fully trained to use equipment properly and safely, and we are fully licensed and insured.

How long will it take to cut my trees?

The length of time it takes to remove a tree depends on the tree’s size, location, and other safety considerations. We can typically complete a removal in 2-6 hours.

What is the best time of year to cut my trees?

We can work all year, and any time is the right time to take care of your trees! In general, during winter and late fall, tree branches are easiest to cut when they have fewer leaves or flowers.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for tree cutting?

We will clear the area around the tree. After we’ve assessed your tree and provided a quote, we’ll let you know if there are any preparations necessary to protect your property or clear the area.

Is there a way to save my trees?

Regularly caring for your trees through cutting, trimming, and pruning will preserve and extend tree life. When tree cutting is necessary, it’s important to protect the roots of the tree.

Does your team wear safety gear?

As highly experienced tree specialists, safety is our highest priority for our team and our clients. We require our team to wear proper safety harnesses, helmets, and other gear.

Are quotes free?

Schedule your tree service estimate by calling 864-520-9084 or completing our online form and we’ll reach out within one business day. Any hazards due to tree health, power lines, structures, or difficulty in access may affect cost.

Do you have references available?

Of course. You can view more than 200 five-star Google reviews here.

What is your cleanup process?

We’re efficient and professional at providing a wide range of tree care and removal services, from beginning to end. Our clean-up process includes removing all debris, raking, and blowing or sweeping a job site to leave it looking better than we found it.

Happy trees, happy customers

Customers are amazed at how our tree-cutting expertise enhances the beauty and health of their trees.

Great work at a great price! Micaiah came out on a Thursday to look at the job, and they were here the next Tuesday afternoon. They completed the work in about three hours where others had estimated a full day. I asked them to set some of the larger pieces aside for me to cut later for firewood. They cut the wood in firewood lengths for me and stacked it. Can't ask for better work at a better price! Thanks!

Rod H.
Greenville, SC

As always, excellent service! Our past experiences with Greenville Tree Co. was for removal of large tree. This job was to prune large hollies…hollies so tall our landscape company couldn’t b/c of insurance restrictions for trees over 25’. I contacted Micaiah and within a couple of days the work was done. Great job, including cleanup!

Pam F.
Greenville, SC

Greenville Tree Company showed up right away for an estimate and quoted the lowest. They expertly did every bit of the work they had agreed to do and left with the yard in the same shape as they had found it, despite needing to take large equipment into the backyard. This whole process was smooth and above expectations. I couldn't have asked for a better experience than what I received from Greenville Tree Company.

Tripp F.
Greenville, SC