Tree Felling Services

What is tree felling? Felling is the process of cutting down a tree, which can be difficult and dangerous. At Greenville Tree Co., our skilled team will plan, prepare, and fell your tree safely and efficiently while protecting you and your property.

Our Tree Felling Services

Tree felling requires proper planning and efficient processes for an effective and safe felling. At Greenville Tree Co., we determine how to fell a tree by:

  • Planning Ahead
    We assess the area around every tree and look for any major obstacles in the area, from buildings to power lines to roads. We always place warning signs when necessary.

  • Determining Felling Direction
    After studying the tree and its branches, as well as considering wind direction, we can determine the safest and most efficient direction for felling. We will also clear around the area of the tree as necessary.

  • Pruning the Trunk
    After clearing the area around the tree and positioning warning signs, we’ll start the felling process by pruning the trunk to get rid of any branches in the way of a fell cut.

  • Deciding our Cutting Technique
    When making a felling cut, we make sure to cut with the right dimensions and properly insert the felling wedge. We choose the cutting technique specifically for the size of the tree, slope, and chainsaw bar size.

  • Checking for Disease
    We inspect every tree to make sure it is not diseased or infected with rot, which can affect the direction the tree falls.

  • Choosing our Tools
    We choose our tools with care, making sure they fit the tree size.

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Tree Felling FAQ

Tree felling is the process of cutting down a tree. While felling can be dangerous, skilled professionals on our team at Greenville Tree Co. can handle this job safely and skillfully with planning and preparation.

Tree felling can prevent property damage and accidents by removing a potentially unhealthy tree before it can fall on its own. For trees that are diseased or infected with rot, tree felling prevents the spread of disease to other trees. When done responsibly, felling preserves the health of other trees and plants in the area, as well as protects you and your property.

A chainsaw is most often used for tree felling.

Every tree is different and may require a different process or equipment. Before we fell a tree, we assess slope, tree size, and equipment needs, and then create a plan to ensure the tree falls precisely where we want it to fall, ensuring your safety and that of your property.

If a tree is at risk of falling on its own, professional tree felling is the best way to protect your property from damage. A tree might be a risk if it has significant rot, dead branches, or a shallow root system. Weather, construction or decay can impact the root system, leaving a tree at risk for falling. If any of your trees pose a hazard to you or your property, call us today to schedule a tree felling.

The best time of year to fell a tree is during winter or early spring when the tree has fewer leaves or flowers on the branches. However, if emergency felling is necessary, we can fell your tree at any time of year.

We will provide an estimate based on the location, size, and scope of work for each specific tree.

We will take care of clearing the area around the tree prior to felling it. If you need to make any preparations to protect your property, such as moving a parked vehicle, we will let you know in advance.

Our team of highly skilled tree professionals are trained and prepared to safely perform tree services and felling without causing damage to you or your property. In the unlikely event of damage, we are fully bonded and insured.

Absolutely. Safety for our team (and you!) is our highest priority. Our tree professionals are required to wear safety gear including helmets, high-visibility shirts, and chainsaw protection pants.

We’ll provide you with a complete estimate of costs based on your individual needs before we start performing our work. Schedule your tree felling or any service estimate by calling 864-520-9084 or filling out our online form and we’ll reach out within one day.

Absolutely. You can find some of our testimonials right on our website.

We will discuss any permit needs when we provide an estimate for felling services.

Regardless of the size of the job, we will leave your property looking clean, healthy, and beautiful. We’re efficient and professional at cleaning up after every service, including debris removal, blowing, and sweeping the area.

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Schedule your tree service estimate by calling 864-520-9084 or filling out our online form. We’ll  reach out within one business day. We’ll provide a complete estimate of costs based on your individual needs before we start performing our work.

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