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If you’re facing any of the following scenarios, it’s time to call a local tree removal service.

Damaged or hanging trees or tree limbs

In the forestry industry, these are known as “widow makers.” They lurk above, silent, out of sight, but they can be deadly when they fall to earth while someone is walking beneath them. And all it can take is a stiff breeze or earth movement to dislodge them, so they’re wildly unpredictable. The only predictable thing about them is that they will fall; it’s just a matter of time.

A tree is diseased

Some tree diseases weaken tree trunks, which can cause a tree to suddenly fall over. Tree branches fall victim to the same diseases, only they are smaller, making them more prone to failing and dropping. As noted above, a falling tree or branch can cause damage to property without warning.

A tree or branch threatens the integrity of your home, outbuildings, or fencing

If part of a tree poses a threat to a structure on your property, there’s no time like the present to eliminate the threat so you can breathe easier—knowing that tomorrow’s stormy weather won’t cause you additional worry.

You are listing your property for sale

“Curb appeal” — the attractiveness of a home and property as seen from a vehicle by a person who’s considering buying it — can raise the selling price of your home and property by tens of thousands of dollars. Well-trimmed and maintained trees help sell properties.

So if your realtor suggests trimming (or even removing) a tree to increase your property’s value, seriously consider doing so.

Extreme weather is on the way

Florida, the Gulf Coast and Hurricane Alley aren’t the only regions of the U.S. that fall victim to inclement weather. If you’re in an area that expects high wind or other kinds of extreme weather (ice storms, tsunamis, etc.), it’s crucial that you enlist a tree removal service to make sure your existing trees will outlast the weather without putting your life and property at risk.

A tree is sitting atop your home, vehicle, outbuilding, fencing, or shrubs

See #1 above. Don’t risk trying to remove fallen trees or branches yourself. Hire a fully insured tree removal service to do the heavy lifting for you. Stay safe!

A tree is growing in a spot that you want to transform

Sometimes you just want to change things up to create a different ambiance or to exercise a new passion. If a tree is taking up space where you’re envisioning your new pickleball, basketball, or tennis court, or a swimming pool, or anything else, a tree removal service can help you make it happen.

You’re clearing a forested space on your property

If your home is situated next to thickly forested rural areas or in a suburban neighborhood where the distinct possibility of a forest fire ignited by Independence Day fireworks or lightning strikes keeps you on edge, or the thought of a big tree toppling onto your home, outbuildings or fences keeps you on the edge of your seat every time you walk outside, it’s time to call a tree removal service.

Your intuition exists for a reason—your brain knows when it’s time to act. Don’t talk yourself out of doing the right thing for yet another day. Then you can sit back and relax, knowing you’ve taken care of the matter.

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